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Tunnel Dryers

Tunnel Dryers Tunnel Dryers Tunnel Dryers


Tunnel Dryers are ideal for drying of Granulated / Extruded / Briquettes / Flakes / Fibrous / Pre Formed materials.

Few of the applications are Ceramic Fiber Papers, Ceramic Fiber Boards, Molded Paper Products, Rayon Staple, Cotton linters, Noodles, Food products etc.

Rishikesh offers Customized Tunnel Drying Systems with variety of Configurations.


:: Operation Configurations :
• Continuous / Semi-continuous/ Batch.
• Single Pass / Multi Pass.
• Single / Multi Temperature & Airflow Controlled Zones.
• Once through / Re-circulating air modules.

:: Air Flow Patterns Configurations :

• Parallel Flow.
• Counter-current Flow.
• Cross Flow.
• Combination Flow.
• Through Circulation

:: Material Movement Configurations :

• Continuous on Metallic Mesh Belt Conveyor.
• Continuous on chain mounted Moving Trays / Pallets.
• Semi-Continuous on Carts / Trolleys.
• Batch on Trays / Trolleys / Pallets.

:: Air Heating System Configurations :

• Direct Fired / Indirect Fired Air Heaters : Using Liquid / Gaseous Fuels.
• Direct / Indirect Fired Air Heaters : using Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, Briquette etc.
• Indirect Air Heaters : Using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid.
• Electric Air Heaters: using electricity.

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