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"Rishikesh Exports" is a team of senior engineer, professional with varied expertise in project execution.The singular aim of the company is to provide complete Engineering Projects & Process Solution.  



Milk Coolers :
Designed for use in ambient temperature up to 50°C with laser-welded evaporator plates providing full surfaces for heat transfer.
Bulk milk coolers are used extensively for cooling milk at the collection point, thus maintaining the quality of milk. These are hygienic, easy to use and available in various sizes. Bulk milk coolers are available in various configuration like direct expansion, indirect cooling using

Butter Rishikesh Exports provides complete process solutions that govern the quality of butter like cream pasteurization, cream pre-treatment, cream aging and butter washing. IDMC has access to all technological aspects of butter, manufacturing and handling systems including butter reworking & texturization.
Rishikesh Exports is continuously working to improve its expertise in white & table butter production, on-line moisture and salt measurement, control and monitoring system. It also offers process know-how and helps in selection of equipment for spreadable blended and other specialized butter. Butter

Systems and equipment on offer :

• Cream pre-process systems and ripening

• Continuous butter making machines (CBMM), Batch

• type churns

• Butter silos, blenders, pumps & piping

• Butter re-workers, texturisers

• Molding & wrapping machines -- Tub filling, chiplets

• and block making & packing systems

• Auto cartoners and case packers

Dryers : Spray Dryers  Flash Dryers  Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers Rotary Dryers Fluid Bed Dryers
Tube Bundle Dryers  Vacuum Dryers  Tunnel Dryers
Boilers : Steam Boilers Thermal (Thermic Fluid) Heaters Hot Water GeneratorsSteam Generators
Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
Material Handeling Systems : Pneumatic Conveying System  Diverter Valves  Dual Tunnel Diverter ValveBucket Elevator
Foods Plant :

Fruit Juice and Pulp Tea / Instant Tea  Coconut Milk / Powder Processing Plant
Mineral Water Treatment Projects Milk Project Plant  Milk Coolers  Butter

Air Pollution Control System : Dust Extraction System
Soap Manufacturing Plant : Soap SaponificationSoap Finishing Line
Pharmaceutical Equipment    
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